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M.A. Studio Arts, Arts & Consciousness, JFK University, Berkeley, California USA

Thank you so much for your interest in my art! About me and why I paint…I currently live and work in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. I drew all the time as a child, and a painting course in college got me hooked on painting for life. I left my classical flutist career goals behind and never looked back (I still very much love listening to music). I continued to study at Academy of Art College in San Francisco, and after a foray into commercial art illustrating pet books, realized I really craved a deeper exploration. Completing an M.A. in Studio Arts in Arts & Consciousness at JFK University got me going on that path. After a hiatus when my children were younger, I began painting again, trying to balance family, my office job at an adventure travel company, and art. On my blissful art days, I continue to explore the transformative nature of painting, happily dwelling in that sublime place of color and texture.

Painting is my way of connecting to spirit…experiencing nature while hiking or being by the ocean and painting from that gives me a sense of belonging to something meaningful. The colors and textures resonate inside like a moving piece of music, forming an internal landscape, a garden of feeling from which to nourish. I tend to use very liquedey paint, manipulating it with gravity and air. Moving the paint around, letting it flow into form feels like a natural process that I’m participating in and observing as it reveals, manifests a feeling or essence. The process allows for a flow of conversation between inner and outer states, where I can explore and express dimensional experience. The painting process is my ongoing exploration of that undefinable sea.